Wednesday, November 16, 2016


            Arthur Fellig, born as Usher Fellig on June 12, 1899 in the town called Lemburg, which is now known as  Ukraine. Three years after moving to America, where his name was changed to the more American sounding Arthur, Weegee began photographing at the age of 14. He was self taught, and he took quite a few photography related jobs in Manhattan 1918. Weegee eventually became a freelance photographer and started getting jobs around the police department. He eventually got permission to install a police scanner in his vehicle, which allowed him to get to crime scenes swiftly.
Weegee would take pictures that told the tales of the real world; of crime, murder, rape, and arson. Weegee's photos got into papers such as the Herald-Tribune, Daily News, Post, the Sun, and PM Weekly, among others. 

Monday, November 14, 2016


The City of Albany Clocktower at the Albany Transit Station during a overcast afternoon day.
Three veterans ride their motorcycles down 2nd street in the City of Albany's 65th Veterans Parade on Nov. 11th, the biggest parade on the west side of the Mississippi. The city turned out in force, crowding the sidewalks and alleyways to cheer on the heroes of our country.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Week Seven Forum

The tip that stood out to me most was the PEAK ACTION tip, because as a parkour enthusiast, I notice a lot of body movements during sports, and I can see when the athlete crests his or her or its arc, and so I believe that I could pull off this type of strategy fairly well. Using this strategy, you can use a slower shutter speed to snag a clearer picture of the athlete just at the tip of his upward momentum.

My sports/actions subject is a skater named David, a guy who is a regular down at Albany Skatepark. I was planning on getting right there into the park to take some badass shots of David hittin the walls and ramps. I shot it at the Albany Skatepark on Nov. 7, on a cloudy midday. I wish I could have gotten some nice shots of the skater with some good sun light, but I cant control the weather.

I plan on getting a close up of David soaring over a ramp, and a medium of David and his buddy, Sam, skating in the park. My overrall was gonna be the crew David was with.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Week Six Forum

TO do my photojournalism assignment Hometown, I am going to pick Albany as my town. Thats because where I used to live is 18 hours away by bike, and that is the only vehicle I have, so I am going to photograph Albany because I live there. For my landmark, i am going to try to get the clock tower at the train station, or the city hall because I really like the construction of that building. My portrait subject is going to be difficult, because I really have no idea who to shoot. And the activity could be anything, but it is gonna just have to be random because I never can get to events that I know are happening, and I never know about anything else that is happening. The event/activity is going to pose the biggest challenge for me because of my limited ability to get to places. It is easier to set up a portrait, and I see the Albany clocktower nearly every day.

Friday, October 28, 2016


  1. What makes the photo story compelling?  What got your attention?
  2. What TWO CHALLENGES did the photographer face in getting the images?
  3. Describe the THEME and/or VISUAL CONSISTENCY and whether there was a NARRATIVE.
  4. What work did the photographer need to do beyond taking photos?
  5. What TECHNIQUES or APPROACHES can you use in shooting your photo story (see below)?

I chose the photostory Army and Ian Fisher: An Evolutionary War. The very first thing that stood out to me was that it was all black and white, every last picture. I think what made the story so compelling is that it told the story of a man going through life as a soldier, through training, through the hardship of leaving a girlfriend, friends, his freedom to do whatever he wants. It portrays the emotions he goes through, how sometimes it looks like he is broken, but then you see him stand tall. I would assume that the hardest thing for this photographer was getting to where he needed to be to take the pictures. This photographer got into Ian's going away party, into the boot camp, onto the front, always there to capture Ian, when Ian was at his weakest, when he was at his strongest.
The theme fell in as black and white. A neutral color so, almost like it was a memory of sorts. Also, it was rare that Ian was all alone in the photos. Nearly every picture had him and some of his comrades in the background or hanging around him. And yes, a narrative does show, for it shows Ian going through training.
I think the black and white seems to be a good story glue. With black and white, you don't have to worry about the color scheme of anything. It is all linked together easily. And getting into the persons life. If you can be there for the cool things that happen, you can tell an awesome story.

Friday, October 21, 2016


Callie Atwood

Callie Atwood is a member of the soccer club at Linn Benton Community College. She stands near the activity center on campus on Thursday, October 20th, at noon.

Week 4 Forum

1: Do not accept gifts, favors, or compensation from those who might seek to influence coverage.
That really stood out to me, because I actually forgot for a little bit that people are that scummy! Very rarely, someone will give a gift for a real reason; the rest of the time its to manipulate the coverage of their "news"!

2: Strive to be unobtrusive and humble in dealing with subjects. 
I feel the same about this. I do not like to be all loud and get in the way of people when I am taking their pictures. I don't want to be a bother to people.

3: Someone is building a model of the Eiffel tower, and I wanna take pictures of it.
This is where I don't want to get in the way of the person, especially so he/she does not knock over his creation. I wouldn't want her to break something because I am like "hey, hi, hey hey hey annoy annoy"
And when I am done taking pictures, I would want to thank him or her for their time.
I liked this picture because it is about the VR! Also, the unique lighting from the headset and controller made it look really cool.

Emmalys pic of the curly haired guy in the hotshot is really interesting. I like the rich color of the table reflecting the light.